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Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work?

June 1, 2018

In a survey of about 450 First Aider readers, just over half said they used kinesiology tape, primarily for pain relief, while 12% used it for performance enhancement. Kinesiology tape has been popularized by high profile athletes wearing tape on TV and in photos throughout the internet. Unfortunately, some athletes simply wear the tape just to advertise a specific brand, which ultimately adds to questions of its efficacy.

Does kinesiology tape work? YES. It has been shown effective at reducing chronic musculoskeletal pain lasting longer than 4 weeks [1] when compared to minimal interventions (ice, education, etc). As with any treatment, it doesn’t work on everyone, and is only part of the overall treatment plan. Kinesiology tape should be an adjunct to other evidence-based treatments such as therapeutic exercise. Read More

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TheraBand™ CLX™ - Consecutive Loops: Revolutionizing Resistance Training

October 10, 2016

If you think there’s nothing new in resistance bands, you haven’t checked out the TheraBand CLX-Consecutive Loops. It’s a completely new approach to resistance training that offers unlimited exercise options and is available in seven different resistance levels. Check out the CLX…we guarantee you’re going to love the loops! Read More

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January 6, 2015

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to start using kinesiology tape? Or do you already use Kinesiology tape, but want to improve your technique? Regardless of where you fall on the kinesiology tape knowledge/experience spectrum, you’ll want to give latex-free TheraBand™ Kinesiology Tape—tape powered by Cramer’s sports medicine expertise--a try. Read More

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