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Knock Tobacco Out of the Park Campaign Urges MLB Make Baseball Tobacco-Free

May 6, 2016

The American Heart Association, American Lung Association, and American Medical Association are among the 45 public health and medical groups asking MLB and its players to set an example for kids and end smokeless tobacco use at all major league ballparks. Read More

William & Mary’s Summer Workshop Builds on the Cramer Tradition

May 6, 2016

Sixty years ago, the profession of athletic training was still in the formative stage, and there was little formal education for athletic trainers. The leaders at Cramer Products were eager to spread industry and professional knowledge, and move the profession forward—and they recognized that reaching out to high school students would be one very effective way to do this. So in 1957, the company introduced the Cramer Student Trainer Workshops—a summer program for high school students that is now considered legendary. Read More

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From The Archives: March - April, 1938 Part II

May 6, 2016

Booing the Referee

Coach E.S. Liston of Baker University has a convincing way of handling crowds at home games. When a referee’s decision is questioned by the audience with the customary “boo,” Liston stops the game and makes a speech to the stands. Quoting from the Topeka Capital, we reprint his remarks... Read More

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Gallup Study Measures Long-Term Life Outcomes of Former Student-Athletes

May 6, 2016

Former college athletes are more likely than their non-athlete counterparts to be thriving in four out of five areas of well-being, according to a research conducted by the Gallup organization. The results are detailed in a report released in February 2016, Understanding Life Outcomes of Former NCAA Student-Athletes. Read More

Athletic Trainer Profile: Andy Carter, ATC

May 6, 2016

Like many athletic trainers of his generation, Andy Carter, ATC, Senior Associate Athletic Trainer at College of William & Mary, received his first real exposure to the world of athletic training in high school, attending a Cramer student workshop. “Growing up, my family went to every high school football game, because my mother worked at the school (Magna Vista High school in Ridgeway, Va.). When I was in the eighth grade, the team needed a statistician and I was happy to fill that role. I arrived at the games early, and there was a student a few years older who had attended the Cramer camp at William & Mary. He taught me to tape ankles and a few other things, and I started helping him get the guys ready for the game.” Read More