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From The Archives: March - April, 1938 Part II

May 6, 2016

May 2, 2016 5:26:44 PMBooing the Referee

Coach E.S. Liston of Baker University has a convincing way of handling crowds at home games. When a referee’s decision is questioned by the audience with the customary “boo,” Liston stops the game and makes a speech to the stands. Quoting from the Topeka Capital, we reprint his remarks:

“The referee, whose decision was just verbally questioned, did not ask to officiate in this game. He was invited here by me after an agreement with the visiting coach. As such, he is Baker’s guest tonight. We coaches did not invite him here to please anyone, but to conduct the game according to the rules as he interprets them. We intend to abide by his decisions and we expect our players to do likewise. Under these circumstances, I feel that spectators are under the same obligation if they wish to do credit to this university.”

We believe this is the answer for any coach, who believes in sportsmanship and abiding by the rules of the game and we heartily congratulate Liston on his clever method of handling crowd psychology.

Three Man Basketball

N. B. Martin, Coach, Bellfountain, Monroe, Oregon, advises us that he has been very successful in developing the game of Three Man Basketball.

To us this is an innovation and we believe it worthy of consideration by the coaches in smaller schools where an abundance of material is not available.

With a total enrollment of only 15 boys, his team was State Champions of class “B” League in 1936 and won both “A” and “B” League Championships in 1937. He announces a one day school as follows:

“Bellfountain, Monroe, Oregon. Coaching School. May 28, Saturday only. Panel discussion and speaker, on—THREE MAN BASKETBALL. Total charge is only $1.00 in person or by mail. Complete training and instructions—demonstration. Not only a new game, but a super plan of training for the regular five man official basketball. We have found nothing that creates the interest and development of players like the THREE MAN BASKETBALL, under the Bellfountain Plan.” N.B. Martin, Coach, Bellfountain, Monroe, Oregon. Can only take care of 50 coaches. Write at once for reservation.

Vacation and Summer Camp Suggestions

You may take a vacation but germs don’t, so—

  • Make sure that your vacation place has an adequate supply of pure water.
  • Drinking water in summer should range in temperature from 45-55.
  • Make certain that your milk supply is safe. Don’t just get it any place for the sake of convenience.
  • When on the road, try to eat at places properly screened.
  • Carry a “Cramer First Aid Kit” in your car for safety’s sake.
  • Use Nitrophen on open wounds, scratches, sunburn and poison ivy.
  • Use Inhalant on chapped or cracked lips.
  • Neither a frilled dress nor a sweaty shirt is an appropriate costume for camp life. Wash your hands before and after every meal. Dirty dishes even if they are tin, are just as disgusting in camp as at home. Soiled bedding out under the stars is no nicer than in your pink and white boudoir.
  • “One of the surest tests of the efficiency of a camp director is the cleanliness of his camp,” says a Scout manual.
  • Over 1,000 people injure themselves seriously every summer day with an ice-pick.

To Avoid Athlete’s Foot

From San Diego High School Training Room Rules:

  • Wash your feet daily with plenty of soap.
  • Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes.
  • Change socks at least every other day. Cotton socks are preferable.
  • Use foot baths in shower room.
  • Keep your feet and inside of shoes dry by frequent sunnings and by dusting with an antiseptic powder.
  • If you get athlete’s foot, report to your coach for recommendations.

May 2, 2016 5:29:27 PM