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Pre-Activity Preparation, On-Field Performance, and Post-Injury Protection


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The Power Behind the Performance
The power behind the performance is the athletic trainer, and Cramer partners with ATs worldwide to provide quality products & solutions. Cramer ensures that athletic trainers have the tools to prepare their athletes for the game, protect them through play, and assist in recovery after the whistle blows.


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Over a Century Ago
In 1918, Frank & Chuck Cramer started Cramer Chemical Co. in Frank and Chuck’s mom’s kitchen. Chuck was a pharmaceutical student and an outstanding track athlete at the University of Kansas when he sprained his ankle. He whipped up his own liniment to treat his ankle. It worked and our company was born.


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Top Choice for Athletic Trainers & Athletes
Today, as founding members and cornerstone sponsors of the NATA, Cramer stands united with athletic trainers worldwide, offering unrivaled sports medicine products. Cramer continues to lead with an authentic connection to sports medicine professionals, at every level of competition.

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Cramer Rapid Form Vaccum Splints

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