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Tell Your Allergies to Chill Out

June 25, 2013

When you have an allergic reaction, your body is rebelling against something that it considers to be a foreign and harmful substance. These substances can be things such as pet dander, insect venom, pollen, certain foods, or a medication. The external reaction you experience when you come in contact with something you are allergic to shows that your immune system is creating antibodies that recognize an allergen as detrimental to your body. Allergies can affect your airways, digestive system, eyes, skin, and sinuses.

Drinking hot fluids, such as tea, help soothe a sore throat, dry cough, or stuffy nose. Hot liquids can moisten and open your airways, as well as soothe your throat and keep it moist. Hot drinks also have the ability to break up mucus, which can relieve a congested, stuffy nose and help you breathe easier. A reusable hot/cold pack that wraps around your cup is an easy way to keep liquids toasty warm.

Tell your allergies to chill out.

Cryotherapy – also called cold therapy – can help numerous allergy symptoms. If you have eczema or skin that is itchy, red, swollen, or peeling, try a chilled ice pack to cool and calm symptoms. If you experience swollen eyes, a cold eye mask is the perfect solution. A frosty ice pack can even be applied to your neck to soothe a sore throat.

The THERA°PEARL Drink Koozie is an easy way to keep your beverages hot or cold. Wrap the Drink Koozie around hot tea with lemon and honey to relieve your sore throat and stuffy nose. Treat swollen, painful eyes by placing a frozen THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask on your eyes for 20 minutes at a time. Try the THERA°PEARL Oval Pack or Round “Pearl” Pack if you experience insect stings, skin related allergies, or a sore throat. If you have children, opt for the reusable hot/cold packs made especially for kids called THERA°PEARL Children’s Pals.

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Muscle Strains & Heat Therapy: Warming up Your Pre-Workout Routine

June 10, 2013

We have all been there… racing to the gym just in time to make the final class of the day or turning on a workout video at home only to miss the first five minutes while we remember where we misplaced our other sneaker. In either case, it is common for many to jump right into a workout without giving thought to warming up our bodies first.

Stretching may be the most common method to warm up muscles, but if you have sustained any type of chronic injury, then extra measures like HEAT THERAPY may be needed to aid the healing process. A chronic injury is one that has developed slowly and has persisted for a length of time usually due to overuse of a muscle, as opposed to a traumatic incident.

Applying HEAT THERAPY to chronic injuries and taking preventative measures for strained muscles before exercise helps increase the elasticity of joint connective tissues and increases blood flow to the affected area. Devoting time to heat therapy for just 15 minutes before you begin your workout will help relax tight muscles and muscles spasms and future reduce pain and swelling.

Here are some helpful tips on when to use HEAT THERAPY:

  • Pre-workout
  • Chronic injury
  • Strained muscle prevention
  • Tight muscles
  • Muscle spasms



It is important to note that because heat increases circulation and raises skin temperature, you should not apply heat to acute injuries (rapid onset and short-lived injuries) or injuries that show signs of inflammation – both of which should be treated instead with COLD THERAPY. Additionally, heat should only be used before exercise to warm the muscles, but should be avoided after exercise.

Know when to use ice and when to use heat! Find more info in our Hot/Cold 101 section! Read More

THERA°PEARL, LFL Quarterback Angela Rypien Partner Up to Promote How to Recover Like a Pro

June 10, 2013

June 2013

For Immediate Release

Jessup, MD—THERA°PEARL, a fast-growing leader in the pain relief industry, has announced a partnership with Legends Football League quarterback Angela Rypien. Angela has followed in the footsteps of her father, Superbowl MVP Mark Rypien, by playing for the Legends Football League. “I’m so excited about partnering with THERA°PEARL because as an athlete, I put my body to the test everyday. Whether it’s during practice or on game day, it’s important to prevent injuries so I can stay in the game all season long,” says Rypien.

Aided by the rising popularity of the LFL league and Angela’s involvement in helping America’s youth with health and fitness, Angela and THERA°PEARL partner up to educate consumers on pre and post workout pain relief. “Angela is a dedicated, hard-working athlete who endures some hard hits as a quarterback,” says THERA°PEARL Marketing Manager, Deven Crandall. “She understands the importance of hot and cold therapy and how necessary it is to make it a part of her training and game day routine.”

As part of the partnership, the star quarterback will be actively promoting THERA°PEARL on social media and online advertising, as well as providing the brand’s presence at the games. Products endorsed by Rypien include packs that can be chilled or heated to provide general therapeutic relief, as well as the athlete-focused Proline™ series. The company’s Proline™ packs are specialty athletic recovery products designed to target specific problem areas, and adjust to fit the individual profile of shins, knees and other parts of the athlete’s body.


Founded in Maryland in 2008, THERA°PEARL creates innovative hot & cold therapy products using proprietary Pearl Technology™. Easily chilled in the freezer or heated in the microwave, THERA°PEARL packs are a doctor- designed, drug-free way to calm pain and inflammation. For more information, visit us at www.therapearl.com. Read More