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January 6, 2015

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to start using kinesiology tape? Or do you already use Kinesiology tape, but want to improve your technique? Regardless of where you fall on the kinesiology tape knowledge/experience spectrum, you’ll want to give latex-free TheraBand™ Kinesiology Tape—tape powered by Cramer’s sports medicine expertise--a try.

The key feature of this tape is the XactStretch™ Technology that ensures you’ll get the right stretch every time. Beginners and experts alike will have the confidence that the tape is being applied correctly by following the XactStretch guide indicators. Whether your goal is to support muscles and joints, or provide pain relief, you’ll get the results you want without wasting a lot of tape in the process!

TheraBand’s Kinesiology tape uses Cramer’s best-in-class adhesion—so you can be sure that the tape will stick, provide durable support, and stay stuck for up to five days. The tape is available in eight color combinations, so there’s something that’s just right for everyone.

And how about saying good-bye to runaway tape rolls? The TheraBand hassle-free tape dispenser latches shut, provides an axle for unrolling and rerolling, and features a cut notch for precut rolls.

TheraBand has conducted extensive research on kinesiology tape, so they know what works. Check out videos and more at TheraBandKTape.com.

Drew Freeman, owner and founder of The Boston Bodyworker and graduate of the University of South Florida Sports Medicine Program says, “The use of TheraBand™ Kinesiology Tape has significantly enhanced our clinical results. With remarkable advancements in the adhesive strength and their revolutionary XactStretch technology, applications last longer and are consistently more effective and efficient. Performance Health has once again, revolutionized pain management with the addition of TheraBand Kinesiology Tape. It’s the next evolution in kinesiology taping.”

Easy dispensing. Can’t miss application. Durability, great colors, and video demonstrations. And it’s all supported by TheraBand’s commitment to the science and research of its products. Isn’t it time to give TheraBand Kinesiology Tape a try?