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TheraBand™ CLX™ - Consecutive Loops: Revolutionizing Resistance Training

October 10, 2016

TheraBand has revolutionized resistance training with the introduction of CLX-Consecutive Loops. This new approach to resistance training takes is versatile, simple, and effective. CLX features built-in consecutive loops for unlimited exercise options, and has the versatility to do the work of bands, loops, tubing, handles, and door anchors.

You’ll love the simplicity of the CLX. Its intuitive design eliminates the need to tie knots or use add-on accessories to make it work for you. The patent-pending, built-in consecutive loops work for open hand exercises and holding objects, such as a baseball or softball, with resistance. It’s perfect for no-grip-required exercises, and you’ll quickly see how easy it is to do resistance exercises with the CLX that are impossible with other kinds of bands.

The CLX is available in seven colors that correspond with TheraBand’s trusted progression of a 25 percent increase in pull force in colors yellow, red, green, blue and black, and a 40 percent increase in pull force in colors silver and gold.

Oct 10, 2016 5:31:58 PM

The TheraBand CLX App for iPhone or Android makes it easier and less time-consuming for patients to comply with home exercise routines. The app has a keyword search function that makes it simple to find exercises from simple rehab to complex performance training by entering a body part or muscle. The database includes images of the exercises with detailed instructions as well as videos with integrated cues. You’ll also find the TheraBand CLX force chart that shows all seven levels of resistance, and assists in determining the best resistance level for each athlete. Other aspects of the CLX addressed on the app are grips and anchoring, user care, safety instruction, and practical exercise tips. Go to www.clxapp.com for details about the app.

The CLX is latex-free and features a proprietary construction method that ensures durable, long-lasting quality. It is available in five-foot pre-cut lengths, and 25-yard bulk rolls. Visit the CLX website at www.therabandclx.com for more information and to check out the extensive library of basic, advanced, and sports-specific exercises you can do with the CLX-Consecutive Loops.