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Naturally Reduce Swelling and Pain

October 10, 2013


During the initial one to three days following an injury, the blood vessels around the harmed tissues widen to increase the flow of blood, fluids, and nutrients to aid in healing. Increased blood flow can cause unharmed tissues around your injury to swell. Hot and cold therapy can be very helpful, but it is important for you to understand when to use a heat pack, and when to use an ice pack.

Heat therapy works as an all-natural muscle relaxant, and therefore makes movement easier. However, heat will further increase the flow of blood to an injury and can increase swelling. Once swollen areas have improved, you can use a hot pack to encourage healing and accelerate recovery of injured tissue. Cold therapy works as an all-natural pain reliever because it numbs the harmed tissues and decreases muscle spasms. It also reduces swelling because it narrows your blood vessels. You should try to use a cold pack during the first 24 hours after an injury.

All the THERA°PEARL hot/cold packs can be frozen to reduce pain and swelling, or heated to increase flexibility and relax muscles. Each hot/cold pack contains gel-filled pearls that will softly soothe your skin. The THERA°PEARL Contour Pack is a supreme choice if you have swollen ankles, hands, or wrists. If you’re suffering from swollen knees, the THERA°PEARL Knee Wrap will stay in place using adjustable VELCRO® BRAND straps. The THERA°PEARL Sports Packs and can be placed anywhere you are experiencing pain. If your children have swollen skin, THERA°PEARL Children’s Pals are a perfect pick.