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March 3, 2015

Cramer is pleased to introduce an addition to the Rapid Form Vacuum Immobilizer line—the Rapid Form Ankle. This splint immobilizes fractures and dislocations of the lower leg without circumferential pressure. A pump extracts air from the unit, forcing the interior beads to form a solid, rigid mass.

KC Hackman, ATC, head athletic trainer at Taylor University, has purchased the Rapid Form Ankle. He hasn’t had occasion to use it yet, but is glad to have it in his inventory of emergency supplies.

“When I heard that Cramer was coming out with this addition to their vacuum splint line, it was common sense to add it to our emergency bag that is on hand for every home game for every sport. We keep all our vacuum splints, including the Rapid Form Ankle, in that bag.”

KC says that every fall, he and his staff of three athletic trainers go through a refresher of their emergency procedures and supplies. “We get our vacuum splints out to make sure they work and review how to use them,” KC explains. “We simulate someone having injuries such as a broken arm and dislocated foot and practice the treatments. We also practice getting a wheelchair out, spine boarding, and calling for assistance. We haven’t had to use the Rapid Form Ankle splint yet, and hope we don’t ever have to. But in an actual injury situation, we’ll know just what to do because of this annual review and simulation process.”

The Rapid Form Ankle is made of 70 denier nylon with PVC coating, and the set includes a pump, straps, and carrying bag. It can be combined with Cramer’s other vacuum splints for the arm and leg.

For more information about the Rapid Form Ankle Vacuum Immobilizer, visit Cramer’s website.