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May 5, 2015

When it comes to hydration systems, we know your standards are high—after all, there’s nothing more important than keeping athletes hydrated. So when we set out to design a new hydration system, we set the bar high— very high. And now, we’re very pleased to introduce the Powerflo Pro—a hydration system that sets new standards in durability, mobility, and convenience.

This rugged, portable system is made for on-the-field use, and was designed you’re your safety, durability, mobility, and convenience needs in mind. If your athletic program means working in multiple locations or changing fields regularly, this is the hydration system for you!

The Powerflo Pro has everything you’re looking for in a hydration system:


• 20-gallon capacity

• Narrower design for storing and maneuvering through doorways with ease

• Rounded corners for speedy cleaning and maintenance.

• Large 6.5-inch tank opening, making it a snap to add ice

• Drain assembly allows emptying of the tank without removal

Interested in converting your own cooler to use with a hydration system so you’ll have a more thermal unit on the field? The Powerflo Pro is available as a tankless system as well!


• New interior manifold moves the most susceptible components inside the control box, protecting them from harmful UVA/UVB rays and damage from impact

• Six drinking stations

• Flexible hoses


• Made of a sophisticated, molded, durable nylon that is impact-resistant, freeze-resistant and has fully water potable parts

• Lighter weight and durable, made from the same material used in football helmets

• New mounting tabs add a replaceable “break away” function so the cabinet is less likely to be damaged

• Features a new, convenient battery charging system—no more removing or disconnecting wires--simply plug the charger directly into the cabinet (similar to a car charger), with other battery charging options available as well


• The Powerflo Pro’s tires are all but indestructible and require zero maintenance

• These solid (but pliable) foam-filled tires will never go flat, and have just the right amount of “give” to ensure a smooth ride

• All-terrain tires with a wider base and tread make the Powerflo Pro easy to push or pull—even off-road, on real turf, and going through mud!

• More mobile and easy to move around

• The ultra-durable cart is made of a light-weight, heavy-duty construction aluminum that won’t rust or corrode

You can’t afford to have a hydration system that doesn’t work when you need it, and waiting a few days to get a replacement part is usually not an option. You need a hydration system that works every time. That’s why you’ll love the Powerflo Pro.