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How to relieve arthritis pain

August 15, 2014


If you suffer from arthritis pain, you know how your pain can increase when the weather turns damp and cold. It’s not your imagination; the drop in barometric pressure affects your joints enough to leave you aching and in pain before most people even notice a change in the weather. As the leaves change and kids head back to school, you probably brace yourself for several months of increased arthritis pain. Don’t let the dread get you down. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer knowing you’re prepared to soothe the pain with THERA°PEARL products that are specially designed for the areas that hurt the most.

The THERA°PEARL Ankle/Wrist Wrap reaches completely around your wrist to envelop the achy joint in soothing heat or numbing cold. Since THERA°PEARL products conform to your body even when cold, you’ll never have to worry about how you’ll get the pain relief to your entire wrist. Lightweight and drip-free, the Ankle/Wrist Wrap is perfect for pain relief on-the-go.

The Knee Wrap is another THERA°PEARL product that tackles arthritis pain at the source. The convenient VELCRO® BRAND strap holds it in place so that you can move freely while the heat or cold therapy works its magic. Just like the Ankle/Wrist Wrap, the Knee Wrap conforms to your knee even when taken directly from your freezer, and its large size makes it easy to provide pain relief to your entire knee at once.

Choosing THERA°PEARL products as arthritis pain relief means you only need to purchase one product for both your heat therapy and cold therapy needs. Both types of therapy are crucial to minimizing arthritis pain, and need to be used correctly in order to be effective. Heat therapy can do more harm than good when used on joints that are hot and inflamed, but is great for stiff joints that need to be relaxed. Conversely, cold therapy can make joints stiffer but can also minimize inflammation when used on swollen joints.

Both heat therapy and cold therapy are important as you work to manage your arthritis pain, so choose THERA°PEARL and we can conveniently provide you with both. Happy healing!