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How to Prevent an Injury

July 17, 2015

Injury Prevention

If you recently started working out to get ready for your beach vacation, you may not have considered that suddenly putting your body through all that stress and strain puts you at risk for injuring yourself. Here are a few things you can do to prevent an injury and maximize the results of your summer workouts:

1. Fuel your body. Eating protein and drinking water are the best ways to give your muscles the energy they need to perform well. If you find yourself struggling to keep your energy up during your workout, your body probably lacks the proper fuel.

2. Warm up. Think of it as your body’s slow and steady wakeup call. You wouldn’t want someone to jolt you awake and expect you to immediately start your work day. You probably need a shower and a cup of coffee before you’re mentally ready to face the stress of the day. In a similar way, your body needs to be coaxed into workout mode. Using a warm THERA°PEARL pack on the muscles that you anticipate will do the most work is a great way to wake them up.

3. You probably saw this one coming, but did you know that stretching can actually injure you if not done properly? Throwing your body into the stretch rather than easing into it can pull or strain the very muscles you were working to not injure. As you stretch, imagine that you’re moving through molasses. This will make your movements more deliberate, smooth, and gentle.

4. Cool down. Icing your muscles (even when they aren’t injured) can help prevent injuries. Make it a part of your post-workout routine to sit down and ice the muscles that did the most work that day. THERA°PEARL packs can be used directly on your skin right out of the freezer, and come in a variety of shapes to fit specific body parts.

5. Take a rest day. Contrary to popular belief, working out every single day is not a fast track to your goals. Your body needs at least one rest day a week to recharge and prep for the week ahead. If you overdo it, your workouts won’t be as effective and you won’t reach your goals as quickly.