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February 29, 2016


From the January 1961 issue of The First Aider:


On Tuesday, November 1, 1960, we contacted 31 varsity trainers by phone. Our purpose was to obtain information regarding injuries and general team condition. A cross-section of a few comments were as follows—

“Dog tired.”


“The romance left when the bruises came.”

“A 3 hour practice today, and the boys couldn’t jump over a match.”

“The fun is gone.”

“What good is a long practice when the fire is out…and next week our arch rivals.”

“Every member of our squad has a charley horse between the eyes.”

“Our team spirit has evaporated.”

“We are exhausted mentally and physically.”

“Players become injured more easily and recover is slower—when they are tired.”

Editor’s note: 62% of the injuries mentioned by the trainers, were to the hands and wrists. 8% were to the teeth, jaw, face and back of neck. 5% to the knee, 17% to the lower legs, shins and feet and 5% to shoulders and hips. About 3 per cent could be listed under miscellaneous.


Sometimes a player, trainer or assistant coach is worth his weight in gold because of his courage and his ability to keep up team spirit.


It may interest you to know that, in Oklahoma, many of the schools are spraying the inside of their school busses with Sprahalant. The pure Menthol and Benzoin in Sprahalant are effective in relieving nasal congestion, due to the common cold, in the half-time room and the sleeping room. School officials thought, why wouldn’t it be just as effective in the school bus? It was!