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Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy for Tendonitis

September 14, 2013

Your tendon is the fibrous structure that connects a muscle to a bone. A tendon experiencing tendonitis is inflamed, irritated, and swollen. You may feel pain and sensitivity near your joint. You may also experience increased pain during the night, or during times when you move the affected joint. Tendonitis is most common in the tendons of the elbows, heels, shoulders, and wrists. Golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, pitcher’s shoulder, swimmer’s shoulder, and tennis elbow are all common types of tendonitis.

Thermotherapy can be helpful if you have an overuse injury that is causing an ongoing ache. A pliable heat pack can ease your pain and improve your flexibility.

Cryotherapy is recommended when your injury is new, or when your pain is very bothersome. A cold pack filled with flexible gel pearls is a great alternative to using ice because the gel won’t feel hard against your delicate skin. A cold pack can decrease your pain by desensitizing the affected joint. A cold pack is also a natural way to help swelling to subside quickly.

THERA°PEARL has several hot and cold packs filled with gel pearls that can relieve your symptoms. To target pain or swelling in your knee, try the THERA°PEARL Knee Wrap. If you have sore or swollen shoulders, the THERA°PEARL Neck Wrap will stay in place as it decreases pain and swelling. The THERA°PEARL Contour Pack has adjustable straps that make it easy to place on your elbows, knees, wrists, and heels.