Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

A staple in every training room, cold therapy products arguably have more applications than any other treatment. Cramer provides a full line of cold therapy products so you can keep your cool in any circumstance. From a simple plastic ice bag to a uniquely designed shoulder wrap, Cramer can meet all your cold therapy needs.

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  4. /flexicold032746.jpg
    Flexible cold and hot applications can be provided by one pack. Non-toxic gel stays flexible to -4 °F and can also be heated to provide thermal therapy. Cold and hot use instructions on the puncture- resistant package. Learn More
  5. Instantcoldice_1
    Single-use cold pack stays cold 15-20 minutes No refrigeration necessary Squeeze pack to activate Learn More
  6. Cold Spray
    Fast, temporary cooling in a spray A topical coolant that evaporates from the athlete's skin, lowering the surface temperature Non-staining Learn More
  7. Ice Bags
    Heavy Duty Ice Bags Heavy 1 mil polyethylene material for increased durability Extra attention to seams helps minimize breakage due to sharp ice crystals Measures 91/2" x 18" 1500 bags per roll Large Heavy Duty Ice Bags Larger size promotes greater surface area contact 1.25 mil polyethylene bag eliminates the need for double bagging Measures 12" x 24" 750 bags per roll Learn More
  8. /cooltowel_2.png
    Cramer's Cool Towel keeps you refreshed and energized. ?Simply rinse with cool water, place on the neck or head and enjoy a refreshing cool feel. ?Unique material absorbs sweat and water five times faster than a cotton towel. Machine washable Team bucket contains 12 17" x 13" towels ? ? Learn More
  9. /flexiwrap_1.png
    Plastic film on roller makes wrapping a quick, one-handed task. Provides compression while clear film allows inspection of injury. Patented, builtin handle brake on the roller makes tearing easier. Different-sized rolls allow for various wrapping jobs Self-adhering All sizes contain 650' of 0.75 mm film Learn More
  10. /flexiwrap_1.png
    Cramer Flex-I-Wrap offers self adhering plastic film on roller that makes wrapping a quick, one handed task. This provides compression while clear film allows the inspection of an injury. Learn More