Wound Care

Wound Care

Cuts and scrapes are a part of athletics. Accidents happen, but treating them quickly is key to getting an athlete back on the field. Blisters and burns are unavoidable, so an athletic trainer needs the tools to handle them both. For years, Cramer has provided athletic trainers with the products they need to treat these injuries properly, easily and quickly. From gloves to bandages to gauze to wound cleaners – Cramer has you covered.

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    Cramer BloodStop works to stop bleeding four times faster than other methods. Be prepared to act decisively to address bleeding resulting from minor lacerations and wounds. Learn More

    Cramer Blister Derm is the ideal solution for athletes who want cooling comfort and protection from blisters and hot spots. Learn More

    Cramer Cinder Suds is a waterless foam hand soap and wound cleaner Learn More
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    Accidents happen, be prepared for cuts, scrapes and blisters with the right size and shape of adhesive bandage Learn More
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    ? Cushioned, adhesive foam patch used to prevent blister-causing friction ? Conforms easily to any skin surface ? Stays on when wet Learn More
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    Cramer Gauze Pads come in team-quantity 100 count boxes, and offer high quality 12 ply construction for an economical price. Learn More