Training Room Supplies

Training Room Supplies

Training room supplies may not be the most exciting products, but they’re the tools that keep your athletic training room running. These everyday staples encompass everything from gauze pads to latex gloves. Cramer has every commodity item you need with great quality and a great price.

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    Cramer BloodStop works to stop bleeding four times faster than other methods. Be prepared to act decisively to address bleeding resulting from minor lacerations and wounds. Learn More
  2. /guazepads.jpg

    Cramer Gauze Pads come in team-quantity 100 count boxes, and offer high quality 12 ply construction for an economical price. Learn More
  3. Skin Lube®

    Prevents blisters in friction-prone areas Reduces chaffing and wind burn Last longer than petroleum jelly due to higher melting point ? Learn More
  4. Shark™ Tape Cutter

    Durable construction to prevent breaking Cuts through tape quickly Replacement blade cartridges Cartridge's design prevents accidental lacerations Length 8.25" Learn More
  5. Shark™ Pro Tape Cutter

    Ergonomic rubberized grips provide better control and comfort than standard tape cutters Updated design allows for better leverage in removing tight tape while providing improved durability Utilizes the same blades as the standard Shark™ to reduce excess inventory and eliminate confusion Length 8.25" Learn More
  6. /tufskin203531_1.png

    Original Tuf-Skin® Taping Base Helps secure tape, underwrap and elastic wraps, reducing blister-causing friction. Original color. Colorless Tuf-Skin® Taping Base Won't stain skin or clothes. Same formula as Original Tuf-Skin® without the color. Non-Aerosol Colorless Tuf-Skin® Same formula as Colorless Tuf-Skin® in a non-aerosol pump. It featuers controlled application, which reduces over spray that can cause irritation. Perfect for travel kits. Learn More
  7. /icebags_1.png

    Heavy Duty Ice Bags Heavy 1 mil polyethylene material for increased durability Extra attention to seams helps minimize breakage due to sharp ice crystals Measures 91/2" x 18" 1500 bags per roll Large Heavy Duty Ice Bags Larger size promotes greater surface area contact 1.25 mil polyethylene bag eliminates the need for double bagging Measures 12" x 24" 750 bags per roll Learn More
  8. Zip-Cut Tape Cutter

    Lightweight and compact size cuts through tape quickly Nylon handle Replaceable blades Length 6.25" Learn More
  9. /flexiwrap_1.png

    Plastic film on roller makes wrapping a quick, one-handed task. Provides compression while clear film allows inspection of injury. Patented, builtin handle brake on the roller makes tearing easier. Different-sized rolls allow for various wrapping jobs Self-adhering All sizes contain 650' of 0.75 mm film Learn More
  10. /flexiwrap_1.png

    Cramer Flex-I-Wrap offers self adhering plastic film on roller that makes wrapping a quick, one handed task. This provides compression while clear film allows the inspection of an injury. Learn More