Athletic trainers respond to the worst injuries on the field and treat the athletes quickly to get them off the field and on to the healing process. When those emergencies arise, Cramer provides athletic trainers the tools they need to respond efficiently in the most critical situations. From innovative products such as Rapid Formâ„¢ Immobilizers to time tested basics like the SAMâ„¢ Splint, Cramer offers the splinting products you need.

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  1. newrapidfrom
    Rapid Form Immobilizer stabilizes fractures and dislocations without circumferential pressure. Once secured around the injury, a pump extracts the air. Inside, styrofoam beads form a solid mass, making it rigid. All sets include a pump, hose, attachment straps and carry bag Learn More
  2. osi_1

    With the Cramer OSi patented custom fit fiberglass technology, you don't have to take the athlete off the field to cut and custom fit a pad. Just rip open a package, wet with any liquid and in five minutes the athlete is ready to return. Once formed, Cramer OSi are washable and durable enough to provide protection for an entire season. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes Learn More
  3. dnsnightsplint13620-621

    Comfortably and effectively relieves the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Unique small anterior dorsal clamshell design holds foot in neutral position to prevent contracture, support the arch and allow for proper healing. Strong, durable clamshell with a triple stitched stretch resistant strap provides exceptional support.? Learn More
  4. Moldable Thumb Spica (MTS)

    Heat moldable thermoplastic stay for superior immobilization and comfort. Easily adjustable using a heat gun or hydroculator to accommodate pressure points and swelling. Incorporates a comfortable terrycloth interior treated with an antimicrobial agent to help keep the brace clean and odor free. Non-stretch hook-and-loop closure straps?at the wrist and thumb ensure proper immobilization.? Learn More