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Wetgear Elite AT: Waterproof Protection for All of Your Stuff

March 21, 2017

It’s March, so we’re in the midst of National Athletic Training Month for 2017. Your Protection is Our Priority is this year’s National Athletic Training Month slogan. We like this slogan a lot. And just as athletic trainers are dedicated to protecting the athletes they serve, Cramer Products is committed to offering bags and other gear that protect the many supplies athletic trainers use every day. To do your job, your supplies must be ready for use right when you need them, under any circumstances.

But what if the circumstance is rain? Or mud? Or rain and mud? When these variables are at play, Cramer has just what you need to protect your stuff: the Wetgear Elite AT bag.

The Wetgear Elite offers the organization and convenience of a normal athletic training bag with one very important added feature: total waterproof protection. It’s made of 100 percent waterproof materials, including waterproof seams and waterproof zippers. Water, mud and dirt stay out; what’s inside stays clean and dry.

Mar 21, 2017 11:25:15 PM Features include:

  • • The bag measures 22.5” x 10” x 8”
  • • Rigid, adjustable dividers and wall supports protect contents from moisture and dirt, and keep supplies in place
  • • Remove the dividers and instantly create the space to store dry towels or even a smaller kit that isn’t waterproof
  • • Perfect for protecting an AED, laptop and other electronics, and everything else that must stay clean and dry
  • • The exterior waterproof material makes the bag extremely easy to clean

Mike Harrison, ATC, coordinator of sports medicine at Allen High School in Allen, Texas, says he uses the Wetgear Elite bag to keep items dry, especially during football.

“When it’s raining,I’ve used the bag for soft goods, splints, rain gear, or a small portable TENS unit,” he says. “It’s a great idea to have a bag designed specifically to keep things dry.”

You can’t control the weather…but with your supplies snug and dry inside Cramer’s Wetgear Elite bag, you just might be singin’ in the rain.

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