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Things That Slow You Down

July 15, 2015

woman running sunny

Getting into a running routine seems easy enough, but sometimes your body doesn’t want to cooperate right away. Shin splints, muscle strains, fatigue, and shortness of breath are just a few of the things that can ail someone who’s just starting out. Don’t get discouraged, get educated! Here are a few ways that you can coax your body into a running routine:

1. Fight fatigue during your run by alternating between walking and running. After a while this won’t be necessary anymore, but it will allow you to ramp up to that high intensity workout you’re excited about. In addition, make sure that you get enough sleep and drink plenty of water before your run. Fatigue plagues people who don’t take care of themselves before, during, and after their run.

2. If you have shin splints, you’ve turned to the right place. THERA°PEARL Shin Wraps are a numbing, soothing, and drug-free way to relieve your pain. If you’re a frequent sufferer of shin splints, try adjusting your running form so that you don’t pound on your heels or toes. Aim to strike the ground with the middle of your foot. If it takes some time for you to adjust and shin splints keep cropping up, your Shin Wraps will be in the freezer waiting for you.

3. Muscle strains are caused by overuse, so it’s likely that you will experience at least one muscle strain if you jump into your running routine too quickly. Keep this from happening by stretching before your run and working your way up from a walk to a run each day. If you do strain a muscle, THERA°PEARL has body-part-specific products that you can use to ice the affected area, such as our Ankle/Wrist Wrap and Knee Wrap.

4. As you build up endurance by making running a regular part of your week, you may struggle with shortness of breath and find that your lungs can’t keep up with your legs. Try swimming laps once or twice a week to increase your lung capacity and give your workout some variety!