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The new Active Ankle Eclipse I and II: Rigid, multi-sport ankle braces that live up to their name

August 19, 2016

One definition of the word “eclipse” is to “outdo somebody or something.” With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Active Ankle chose the name Eclipse for the new line of multi-sport rigid ankle braces. The Eclipse I and Eclipse II braces were developed following extensive field research, and perfected through trials with athletes on both the court and the field. Eclipse braces offer best-in-class features that offer maximum support and protection, and improved mobility, comfort and durability. These braces outdo other braces in the category, giving athletes everything they need for optimal performance in a brace so they can outdo the competition.

The Eclipse I and Eclipse II share many of the same features. Both are compact, lightweight ankle braces custom-molded with EVA shock-absorbing padding. They feature integrated ventilation channels that conform to the shape of the ankle and prevent overheating.

Both Eclipse braces offer the rigid, optimized ankle support of Active Ankle’s innovative Multi-Point Strapping System that applies compression across the entire brace. And you can count on a great fit with a unique, contoured stirrup shape and an open heel that eliminates the pinching and discomfort often associated with closed-heel braces. The Eclipse I and II are designed to fit comfortably with all shoe styles.

The Eclipse I, with a single upright design that increases side-to-side mobility, is for athletes who need maximum forward/back, vertical, and side-to-side mobility, including those who participate in basketball, cheerleading, soccer, and football. The Eclipse II is for athletes requiring maximum forward/back and vertical mobility, including those who play volleyball, baseball, and football. Credit the unsurpassed hinges in these braces (a unilateral hinge in the Eclipse 1; bi-lateral hinges in the Eclipse II) for the remarkable, unencumbered forward/back and vertical mobility experienced by athletes wearing these braces.

Eclipse rigid ankle braces offer the innovative, state-of-the-art engineering that your athletes want and will appreciate. Check them out today!