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Stretch of the Week: Hip Stretch

August 28, 2015


Your hips are a more crucial part of your wellbeing than you might think. If your hips are tight,

other parts of your body have to overcompensate to allow you to walk properly. Having tight

hips can also cause poor posture and a misalignment of your back. If you sit at a desk all day,

your hips are going to need extra attention. Here’s a stretch you can do before and after work

to loosen those hips:

Kneel down. Put one foot in front of you so your hip and knee are at a 90° angle. Keep

your opposite knee planted firmly on the ground. Place your hand on the hip attached

to whichever leg is in front of you. Push forward so that hip is in front of the knee

resting on the ground. Keep your chest up and don’t bend forward at the hips. Repeat

on the other side.

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