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Soothe Symptoms of Sinusitis

August 21, 2013

Sinusitis, often referred to as a sinus infection, causes inflammation and swelling of your nasal passages. This affects nasal drainage and causes an increase in mucus, making it challenging to breathe through your nose. You may also experience swelling around your eyes and face, a headache, or pulsing facial pain. Both acute and chronic sinusitis may be caused by the common cold, infection, or allergies.

Heat can melt away pain in minutes. A warm pack applied to your cheeks, eyes, and nose will soothe your sinuses and relieve throbbing pain and nasal congestion.

Cold therapy is a powerful and easy way to numb pain, and it can help transform your misery into bliss. A cold pack will also fight off beastly sinus headaches.

The THERA┬░PEARL Eye-ssential Mask and Facemask can be heated or chilled to relieve even your worst sinus discomfort. The Eye-ssential Mask is perfect when you want to rest your eyes, and the THERA┬░PEARL Facemask is ideal to wear when you want to watch television or eat.