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Skincare Benefits of Ice Therapy

June 14, 2015



Have you ever looked at the THERA°PEARL Face Mask and wondered what exactly you could use it for? You may be surprised to learn that ice therapy is great for your skin. If strapping an ice pack to your face sounds strange to you, bear with us. We’ll prove to you that it’s well worth the 20 minutes!

Think for a second about what makes ice great for injuries and bruises. You were told that the cold shrinks your blood vessels and reduces swelling, right? Now consider how that might benefit your face. Morning puffiness, redness from allergies, and enlarged pores can all be reduced with 20 minutes of cold therapy. In addition, daily ice therapy on your face can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Ice therapy can also be used as an occasional remedy rather than a part of your daily routine. Use your THERA°PEARL Face Mask to reduce the size of a blemish and soothe redness after a wax, cosmetic surgery, or sunburn. Used warm, THERA°PEARL Face Masks can also relax tense muscles and help open pores to release dirt, oil, and toxins.

Just like all THERA°PEARL products, the Face Mask conforms to your body even when cold. You can lay the mask directly onto your face, and you can microwave it right after pulling it from the freezer. The THERA°PEARL Face Mask is the easy way to incorporate ice therapy for your face into your daily routine.

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