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Relief for Breast Feeding Mothers

September 28, 2013

If you are a mother who breast-feeds, you know that there are great advantages to breast-feeding your child. It provides much-needed nutrients and antibodies to your baby, and allows you to bond with your precious child. Unfortunately, however, breast-feeding can also cause dryness, engorgement, soreness, swelling, and plugged milk ducts.

If you experience breast tenderness caused by blocked ducts, a heat pack can alleviate pain. For increased benefits, combine gentle massage and heat therapy. A heat pack and gentle massage will soften your breasts before feeding, so your baby has an easier time latching on.

An ice pack has the power to ease aches due to breast engorgement or sore nipples. You can choose to alternate hot and cold therapy to reduce mild symptoms, such as hard and painful breasts, due to engorgement. A cold pack can work wonders if you suffer from soreness and swelling.

The THERA°PEARL Breast Therapy Pack contains pea-sized pearls filled with soft gel. When the pearls are frozen, they remain flexible so that the pack easily conforms to your breast. The gel-filled pearls can also be microwaved for 15 seconds. Once heated, you receive 20 minutes of consistent heat. If you experience swollen, painful lymph nodes in your armpits due to breast engorgement, the THERA°PEARL Round “Pearl” Pack can be used in the same way as the Breast Pack.