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New Product Announcement: Ankle/Wrist Wrap

January 15, 2014



January 2014

For immediate release

Columbia, MD – THERA°PEARL, a leader in the pain relief industry, has announced the release of their newest addition to the product line. The multi-purpose wrap, dubbed the Ankle/Wrist Wrap with Adjustable Strap, is designed to battle sprains, swelling, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and more.

“Everyday, 25,000 people in the US sprains their ankle, making it one of the most common type of sports injuries. We knew the Ankle/Wrist Wrap with Adjustable Strap would be a great addition to our product line,” says President, Daniel Baumwald.

THERA°PEARL’s patented Pearl Technology® improves upon the age-old idea of frozen peas as pain relief. Unlike frozen bags of peas, the soft gel beads conform to the body and can be either heated or frozen to provide fast and effective pain relief. The Ankle/Wrist Wrap, like all THERA°PEARL products, should be applied to the injured area for approximately 20 minutes, then o

ff for approximately 20 minutes, and repeat as necessary. The adjustable strap allows for a customized fit while keeping the pack comfortably in place.

Athletes, golfers, tennis players, gamers, and computer-users of all kinds can benefit from the targeted relief of the THERA°PEARL Ankle/Wrist Wrap. This product retails for $11.99-13.99 and stores will begin carrying the product in March of 2014. The product is available now at therapearl.com.


Founded in Maryland in 2008, THERA°PEARL creates innovative hot & cold therapy products using proprietary Pearl Technology®. Easily chilled in the freezer or heated in the microwave, THERA°PEARL packs are a doctor- designed, drug-free way to calm pain and inflammation. For more information, visit us at www.therapearl.com.


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