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Motherhood Must-Haves

June 30, 2015

New moms and experienced moms alike will find at least one THERA°PEARL product that their family just can’t live without. We’ve made the search for that product a little easier for you! Below you’ll find a breakdown of our products for each phase of mommy-hood. Enjoy!

Pregnancy: At the end of a long day, pamper yourself with a THERA°PEARL Neck Wrap. Pull it out of the freezer for a cool treat during the summer months, or heat it up and allow the heat to relax your muscles. You deserve it!


Mom of a newborn: For breast-feeding moms, our Breast Pack is a must-have item. It helps relieve engorgement, mastitis, plugged ducts, swelling, and pain. You’ll wonder how you ever breast fed without it!


Mom of a toddler: When your little one gets a bump or bruise, our Children’s Pals soothe the pain while putting a smile on their face. Our Pals come in Panda, Pig, Puppy, and Frog shapes, so there’s a perfect Pal for everyone.

Ice pack Heat Pack

Mom of a kid: Our Sports Pack with Strap is perfect for squirmy kids who can’t sit still with an ice pack on their injury. Just strap it on and send them right back out to play.


Mom of a teen: Don’t let a sprained ankle keep your teen sidelined at the game. Save the day and send them with an Ankle/Wrist Wrap that conforms to their ankle even when frozen.