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Make 2017 the year you go pod!

January 11, 2017

Are you an athletic trainer who likes hard-shell kits on wheels? Or do you prefer a soft-sided kit carried as a backpack? Maybe your kit preference is an over-the-shoulder bag, or a duffle style. No matter what style of kit you like best, though, we are absolutely certain of thing: You want an organized kit that protects and provides quick access to supplies. So it just might be time for you to go pod!

If you haven’t taken a close look at Cramer’s Rigidlite Pod--part of the Rigidlite athletic training system—we invite you to do so now. The versatile pod comes in - 7” x 3.25” x 10.5”. The pod offers cool and futuristic modular storage perfect both inside your kit and inside the training room.

Rigidlite Pods are a double-threat: lightweight and tough. The thermoformed shell doesn’t weigh much so the pods are easy to tote. And since that shell is semi-rigid, your stuff is protected.

Gear stays in place in these modular wonders, thanks to elastic netted pockets. And the clear center divider has zippered, clear plastic pockets that make a great home for meds, bandages, chargers, and who knows what else (the possibilities are endless!). Best of all, when you open the pod, you’ll quickly see where everything is.

With Rigidlite Pods, you’ll be super-organized, efficient, and hip. This is the year to go pod!

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