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From The Archives: September 1955

August 19, 2016

Spoon Heel Cups…To Prevent “Stone Bruise”

By Art Dickinson, Trainer, Arizona State College, Tempe

One day I found one of our high jumpers, by the name of Roberts, making a “heel cup.” He had cut the handle off of a serving spoon and was shaping the oval bowl to fit his heel.

The idea has now spread to other members of our track squad and to several football players who complained about heel cleats pressing up against the bone and causing pain.

Since that time the idea has spread to several of the Phoenix high schools.

From our experience, we found that flattening the sides and front of the spoon was necessary. If the spoon was the correct size to fit the individual, the back part would fit the contour of the heel.

Some athletes tape them to the heel. Others just wear them in the shoe.

Stainless steel spoons are preferred because they will hold their shape after they are fitted to the individual heel. This shaping is easily done with a hammer.

Editor’s Note: At a later date, we will carry an article on the “Michigan Heel Cup.” It is of the type which is cast for the individual. The article will be prepared by Jim Hunt and Len Paddock of the University of Michigan.



It is the consensus of opinion of coaches and trainers the country over that nothing can excel the Cramergesic Pack for treating the conventional types of knee injury, i.e., those involving Lateral Ligament pulls or strains. The Cramergesic Pack has also been found to be of exceptional value in treating internal bruises and sprains which result in synovitis, or water on the knee. The swelling and pain of such injuries is reduced almost miraculously by early and continuous use of the Cramergesic Pack.

The advantages of the Cramergesic Pack are its simplicity of application, its economy of time and materials, and its efficiency as compared to other methods. It may be used concurrently with other types of heat or massaging methods such as the whirlpool, sunlamp, diathermy, etc. It should be applied as soon as possible and should be continued, with twice daily renewal, as long as need is indicated.


If one of your boys is stung by a bee or wasp, we suggest that an ice pack be used for an hour.


The Marine Corps has ordered 9,000 Featherbite mouthpieces and will require all Marines engaged in contact sports to wear them.


Jot it down…

Wayne Rudy, efficient trainer of S.M.U., has a clipboard, with tablet, hanging in his training room. He calls it his “want-list.” When some product is needed it is jotted down and ordered—not forgotten!


Cramer’s Tape Remover is more versatile than a triple threat back. In addition to its myriad training room uses, Mrs. Coach finds it an ideal spot remover.