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October 7, 2015

Keeping the Squad in Condition to Play (excerpts)

By Jack Hulme, Athletic Trainer, Pennsylvania State College

Jack Hulme is one of the most alert trainers in the country. He is thorough and deep-thinking and proves the value a trainer can be to his coach. His ideas will be helpful to the coach who, of necessity, must be his own trainer.

There are few set rules for keeping a squad in condition to play because boys come from widely different backgrounds and each presents a separate problem for a coach or trainer. For this reason, the coach should make it his business to acquaint himself with the home life of the boy, he should know whether his player comes from a farm, a town, or a big city and govern his training regulations accordingly.


· Stay out of crowds; a boy in training should stay out of crowds because the ventilation is usually poor and germs of many diseases are present.

· Keep the feet dry.

· Make a habit of having rest periods during the day.


Home games are often difficult to win because the visitors are more determined. Therefore, the coach should see that his squad takes full advantage of home facilities by getting additional rest, etc.

A trip should have only one meaning to a squad. It should not be a social trip. If the journey is made on a bus, particular care should be taken to protect the players from cold, draft, and gasoline fumes. The best seats should be reserved for the best players and they should be kept away from the rear of the bus where the fumes are most evident.

Private cars for trips are not desirable. When the team breaks up, the boys lose contact with one another. When the stay together, they are more apt to keep their minds on the game where it should be.


Trouble with the feet: The care of the feet is extremely important. The coach should take particular care to check the shoes of his squad before the season starts. Blisters should be treated immediately. The first one should be treated to avoid the second one.

A few hints to avoid trouble with the feet:

· Pull socks tight

· Be sure shoes fit

· Paint feet with Benzoin

· Guard against infection: REMEMBER GERMS WORK ON SUNDAY