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From The Archives: January 1957

January 11, 2017

Open House – An Opportunity for You!

Occasionally, schools have open house. Parents are invited to visit and look over facilities and to see how, and for what, the budget money is spent.

When, and if, this happens in your school, be prepared to show off your training room. Explain what you have in the way of equipment, what it is used for, and how you make every effort to prevent and treat injury.

Such a plan might make the parents more conscious of your attempt to care for the boys. Many of them may not realize that your training program is a vital part of the game.

Incidentally, it might be a good time to hint that you need a Vibra-Whirl and other efficient equipment. At least, go as far as is safe without putting the superintendent and principal on the spot.

Random Suggestions…

If you should build or remodel, don’t have your equipment room next to the showers.

Keep after your athletes to drink more water in winter – particularly on weekends.

We find some southern coaches storing football shoes in plastic and paper bags. They “Black Magic” the shoes, dust some Foot and Body Powder into them, then put them in the bag for storage.

Nitrotan Spray is a correct treatment for sunburn. Spray burned areas three times, at 30 minute intervals.

Use Cramer’s Spray Products for Greater Efficiency

When the athlete gets bumped, and is slightly goofy, apply a squirt of Am-Spray to a towel or handkerchief and give him a whiff. Am-Spray is a safe, economical method of dispensing ammonia.

Spray Nitrotan onto that cut, scratch or strawberry. Save time! Be more efficient! Nitrotan is the modern, astringent, pain-relieving germicide.

Use Q-D-A to secure tape on areas of excessive movement and to hold tape in place when bandaging wounds. Wipe off sweat, squirt on Q-D-A, and apply tape. It’s that simple!

Chase those offensive odors from your training, equipment and rest rooms. Invite a higher degree of morale and spirit by example. Use Gym-Fresh-Ner often!

Use FirmGrip Spray on the fingertips. Increase confidence, reduce fumbling. It’s fast becoming a standard for all sports!

Keep your hands clean and speed your tape jobs with Tuf-Skin Spray. Always carry a can for trips away from home! Taping is fun with Tuf-Skin Spray!

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