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From the Archives: April 2, 1957

March 21, 2017

Take Another Look at Training!

The job of being a trainer is more than the application of tape and the dressing of wounds.

Training includes many separate things – hard work, psychology, the teaching of infinite cleanliness, the development of character, the delicate deflation of ego and encouragement to the

timid, an example of loyalty to the department, the promotion of teamwork, the prevention of over enthusiasm and overconfidence, and the raising of morale in adversity.

All of these vital factors are a daily challenge to the alert trainer. They help mold the mind as well as the body. They help keep the ship trim and ready for the squall or storm.

For many years the trainer has been considered as a necessary evil. The thinking of the coach has been in reverse. He should have made the trainer his first assistant – had him attend all strategy meetings and become a more efficient working member of the staff.

Check your most successful teams. You will always find the trainer carrying a part of the departmental load as well as treating the injuries.

All In A Day’s Work

The average active athlete will function about as follows in any given 24 hours period.

His heart will beat about 100,000 times.

His blood will travel about 168,000,000 miles through arteries, capillaries and veins.

He will inhale about 35,000 gallons of air.

He will have moved 750 muscles and have spoken about 4,500 words.

Is it any wonder that he needs 8 hours of sleep and lots of food.

Make It A Habit…

When you take your seat at a basketball game or in a theater, get the habit of checking for the location of the nearest exit.

In case of fire, move toward that exit. It won’t be long until you will have help from the rear.

This information is now carried in the programs of many of the large auditoriums. It might be wise to include it in yours.

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