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March 4, 2015


National Athletic Trainers Association annual meeting, Miami Beach, Florida, June 16-17-18, 1958 – Roney Plaza hotel.

Sam Lankford, University of Florida, assisted by Dave Wike, University of Miami, has planned an excellent program on training subjects, and has also allowed time for swimming, boating, fishing, etc. The children will enjoy it.

Many trainers are planning to attend with their families. Special off-season rates are available.



The pre-game meal for the University of Cincinnati basketball team as arranged by Joe Keefe, their trainer, is as follows:

Roast beef, 8 ounces (with natural juices)

Baked potato, medium size – 2 pats butter

Toast, 2 slices, jelly and tea

The beef must be juicy, not hard and dry. If dry, natural gravy is used over the beef.



According to statistics, a football player is 27 times safer on the football field than he is when driving a car.

The body can’t learn to develop “second wind” without daily having been forced to expend its “first wind.”

Praise should be mixed with criticism. A pat on the upper part of the back may be the answer.

When sitting on the bench, during the game, it might be wise to figure out how to improve the efficiency of your team instead of helping referee the game.