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May 6, 2015

From the March 2, 1956 issue:

COMMENTS on the Training Program, by Frank Cramer

If I were employed as a trainer, I would keep a simple but “complete record” of the original physical examination of every player in every sport. The purpose of this “complete record” is to define, in detail, any injury, or deviation from normal which may have been found at the time the boys started participation in athletics. This record may never be needed or used, but it will be of immediate benefit as a guide toward corrective therapy.

In entirely too many cases this examination and record has been superficial and of no real benefit to the individual or the school.


During the past thirty years I have been in every state in the union, and have visited more than 700 college training rooms. I have visited with the trainers in an effort to learn more about training, what they do for a specific injury, how they go about the doing and what results are obtained.

We have these trainers to thank for creating more modern, up-to-date methods. They have made much progress in both defensive and corrective procedures.

In addition to their training duties they are now in the process of promoting “courtesy to visiting teams” – a much neglected part of the athletic program.


Your training room is used every day of every athletic season of the school year. For that reason, equipping it should be no casual matter.

In my humble opinion this athletic first aid station should come first in your plans and thoughts. It is the key to the three most important factors: emergency treatments, prevention and care!

For many years the training room has ben the step-child of the athletic program. It’s time we modernized our thinking and our training rooms. Let’s don’t wait for some severe injury to focus attention on injury care. You will be criticized, even if you are not guilty.

Ask, now, for a program of improvement. If you win—you gain in efficiency. If you lose—you establish an alibi and place the blame where it belongs.