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August 5, 2015

From the January 1938 issue:

A possible complication

It is only proper to assume that a sprained ankle also weakens the long arch of the foot. If true, it would be wise to tape the arch in such a way that it will be held up in place while the ankle is healing.

A weakened arch may become a permanent injury and bother long after the ankle is repaired.


It won’t be long now until you can buy a balanced meal in one tin can. Meat, vegetables, etc., will be packed in separate compartments of the same can. When heated, the entire balanced meal will be ready to serve your athletes.

You will be able to buy different sized cans. Small ones for the small family and larger ones for the boarding house or training table.


A Story With a Moral

Recently, the president of a small railroad sent passes to the president of every other railroad in the United States. This was customary and the various roads usually reciprocated. However, he received a courteous letter from the Pennsylvania informing him that they did not make a practice of exchanging passes with railroads as small as his. He replied that while he admitted his road was not as long as the Pennsylvania, he insisted that it was just as wide. He got his pass.

The moral is—The small high school and the university have the same problem. The same amount of detail. The same up-hill fight.

Whatever your job is—do it well and you will be deserving of further responsibility.