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December 10, 2014

Cramer’s De-Hesive tape remover is one of those products that could be described as an unsung hero that flies under the radar. But despite its decidedly unglamorous reputation, De-Hesive is a tried-and-true product that every athlete hopes every athletic trainer will have at the ready when it’s time to remove adhesive from the skin.

Now is a great time to give De-Hesive a try, because it’s being re-introduced as a non-aerosol. This allows for a more concentrated spray pattern with no cloud of spray left hanging in the air.

De-Hesive’s formula of isopropyl alcohol and glycerin makes the removal of Tuf-Skin or any adhesive quick and painless.

Quick? Painless? Maybe De-Hesive deserves a little more respect. Give it a try and your athletes will say thank you!