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Dry Eyes Respond to Heat Therapy

July 14, 2013

Your tears are a complex combination of fatty oils, water, proteins, electrolytes, and vitamins. If you suffer from dry eyes, you may experience a stinging or scratching sensation, or feel as though there is something in your eyes. Other symptoms you may notice include eye discharge that is string-like in appearance, pain, blurred vision, redness, and eye tiredness. Dry eyes occur when not enough tears are produced, or when there is an imbalance in the makeup of the tears. 

If you want to help your eyes naturally produce tears that are the correct consistency, you can use a gel-filled hot pack made specifically for the eyes. Using a hot pack will help loosen the oils in the tarsal glands so the oils can more flow easily into your tears. Hot packs filled with gel are an excellent alternative to other warm compresses because they deliver consistent heat for 20 minutes.

The THERA┬░PEARL Eye-ssential Mask is a reusable hot/cold pack that contains flexible pearls filled with gel. Close your eyes, relax, and let the warm Eye-ssential Mask loosen the oils in your eyes to thicken your tears, which, in turn, decreases dryness.


THERA┬░PEARL Eye-ssential Mask

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