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Cramer’s RigidLite Gameday: A Kit You Can Depend On

December 12, 2016

If you’re looking for a kit that’s easy to transport, remarkably protective, and offers plenty of customizable organization, you’ll be glad you’re reading this article! The kit of your dreams just may be the RigidLite Gameday, from Cramer’s RigidLite Athletic Training System line.

The Gameday’s dimensions are 19”x 14” x 11”. It features 10 removable modules, including the RigidLite Tap

e Carrier and nine clear, top-zippered bags that actually hold their shape when empty. You’ll enjoy maximum kit customization and quick access to the supplies you are looking for. Even better, the modules are made of a nylon fabric that allows them to slip in and out of the kit with ease.

This kit is the definition of sturdy. The outer shell protects your valuable equipment, using a combination of thermoformed rigid foam and a rigid polyethylene shell, laminated with 1680 ballistic nylon and “RipStop” materials. The rigid internal PVC skeletal shelving system provides structure and support (not to mention the ability to create the perfect compartment design for your 10 modules!). This kit simply can’t be crushed.

With the Gameday, Cramer has proven that a kit can be both sturdy and lightweight. If you’ve been searching for the perfect bag that is protective, makes organization easy, and won’t weigh you down—you’ve found it. Check out the RigidLite Gameday and find out for yourself!

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