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950 Porous Athletic Tape: Make it your gold standard!

December 7, 2015

Since Cramer introduced 950 Porous Athletic Tape in 2010, it’s been a very popular item that’s a staple in many kits. Read all about this zinc oxide tape here, and find out why Gary Kinney of Santa Ana College says they buy more of this product than anything else!

Our faithful First Aider readers know that we typically feature one of our newest products in each issue. This time, though, we’ve decided to focus on one of our tried and true products that many of you can’t do without: Cramer’s 950 Porous Athletic Tape, introduced in 2010.

950 Tape is a high quality, economically priced, 100 percent cotton, zinc oxide tape. It features quality latex-free adhesive, and offers computer-calibrated unwind for consistency and performance in every roll. The tape’s backcloth is highly conformable, and the tape is easy to tear. It’s available in five widths:

  • 1.5” x 15 yards (32 rolls per case)
  • ½” x 10 yards (24 rolls per case)
  • 3/4” x 10 yards (18 rolls per case)
  • 1” x 15 yards (48 rolls per case)
  • 2” x 15 yards (24 rolls per case)

Gary Kinney, athletic trainer of Santa Ana College, is a fan of the 950 Tape and has used it for about three years. “Up until three years ago, there was another tape that was the gold standard here at Santa Ana College—and I’ve been here 34 years,” Gary says. “Then that tape went up in price and we couldn’t afford it. We tried another brand and it was too sticky and too stringy. Then our Cramer rep, Dave Chaffin, suggested the 950 PorousTape, and we found it was a good cloth tape with good tensile strength. It doesn’t get stringy, holds well, comfortable to the athletes, and reasonably priced. We’ve been using it ever since.”

Gary says their primary use of the 950 Tape is preventive ankle taping. “It’s our main preventative tape that we use,” he says, “and we buy more of it than anything else in ½”, 1”, and 2” widths.”

If you haven’t given 950 Tape a try, add it to your list of New Year’s resolutions!