Then & Now

The 100 Year History

Cramer has been synonymous with athletic training for nearly 100 years. From our days of educating the first athletic trainers to helping found the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, which we still support today, Cramer has and will continue to carry on the innovative ideals of its founders. We are proud of our heritage and the profession it helped found. Cramer is committed to providing leadership and promoting the profession in today’s modern world and the world of tomorrow.


Frank & Chuck

Cramer Chemical Co. is born in Frank and Chuck Cramer’s mom’s kitchen. Chuck was a pharmaceutical student and an outstanding track athlete at the University of Kansas when he sprained his ankle. He whipped up his own liniment to treat his ankle. It worked and our company was born.


The First Aider™

As the company and the athletic training profession grew, Chuck and Frank Cramer felt a responsibility to be an important source of information and education. Cramer launched a newsletter titled The First Aider™. It was mailed to athletic trainers and coaches coast to coast. The publication would soon grow into a must-read resource for athletic trainers.


Organizing NATA

Chuck and Frank fund and help organize the very first meeting of what would eventually be known as the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA). Chuck Cramer served as the first executive secretary until 1954.


Changing Times

Cramer Chemical Co. changes its name to Cramer Products Inc., reflecting a product line that included many items that weren’t chemically based.


A Kick In A Cup

Cramer Products introduces Quickick, one of the first electrolyte replacement drinks on the market.


Let's Make It Official

Cramer adds a new chapter to its long history of supporting youth sports by becoming the official first aid supplier of Babe Ruth Baseball and Pop Warner Football.


For Athletic Trainers By Athletic Trainers

Cramer establishes its Advisory Council by inviting six experienced athletic trainers from across the country to test products and give valuable advice and feedback.


Growing Family

Cramer joins forces with Performance Health® to create an unrivaled brand family dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals – including Cramer®, Theraband®, Active Ankle®, Biofreeze®, Therapearl®, and Bon Vital'®.

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Cramer Celebrates 100 Years

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