The Cramer name has long stood for excellence and innovation in sports medicine. Now, Cramer has added a few more familiar brands to the family to offer even more quality products from the name you’ve come to know and trust.

Active Ankle Systems

Active Ankle introduced the first semi-rigid hinged ankle support by using parts of a McDonald’s food tray along with various materials found in a standard athletic training room.

Today, the company has become a worldwide leader in the development of high value, high function foot and ankle products. Not to mention owning or holding rights to more than 20 U.S. and foreign patents. Active Ankle shares an unwavering commitment to developing products that heal, protect and help prevent injury.

Active Innovations

Active Innovations is the medical division of Active Ankle Systems, Inc. and develops products for medical patients outside the athletic arena. Specific products such as the Dorsal Night Splint, the Trigger Finger Solution, Multi-Phase ankle orthosis and the Dynamic Wrist Orthosis help patients heal as quickly and comfortably as possible. Active Innovations provides high quality products that creatively and effectively solve every day medical problems.

Stromgren Athletics

Stromgren Athletics leads the industry in the development and distribution of sports medicine, compression and protective performance apparel. Cramer added Stromgren along with its reputation for product innovation, player protection and quality, in 2011, making it the newest member of the Cramer family. The company has been at the forefront of lightweight, protective padded apparel in compression garments, since its founding in 1979.

Cosom by Cramer

In 2004, Cramer Products and Cosom Sporting Goods joined forces to offer high quality products for physical education teachers and their students. Cosom by Cramer offers a complete line of physical education and sports training products, including hockey, scooter boards, bowling, bats and balls and sports training items. With more than 150 years of combined industry success, it’s no surprise that educators who demand the very best for their students and recreational athletes choose Cosom by Cramer.