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Gift Guide: Weekend Warrior

December 21, 2013

gift guide: weekend warrior

We all know those folks that work all week and as soon as the weekend begins—they are playing softball, running a 5K, hiking or biking. The large Back Wrap is ideal for back pain and ham/quad pulls while the Knee Wrap relieves joint pain and soreness.

Gift Guide: Beauty Connoisseur

December 7, 2013


The beauty connoisseur will make a new best friend once they experience THERA°PEARL. The Eye-ssential Mask relieves puffy and red eyes, the Neck Wrap relieves tension in the neck and shoulders, and the Face Mask works wonders for clogged pores.

Hygenic Corporation’s Capital Investments Accelerate Customers’ Time to Market

December 2, 2013



The Hygenic Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of an extensive laboratory renovation and the resulting enhancements to their prototyping, custom formulating and testing processes. 

“This most recent capital investment demonstrates our company’s continued commitment to innovation and quality,” stated Lisa Koval, Vice President & General Manager, Healthcare, Specialty & Dental, The Hygenic Corporation. “With our already established and appreciated iterative innovation process, the lab renovation creates exponential benefits for our customers. We can now shorten the time between the initial idea and a product that meets specifications and measurable performance characteristics. This quicker time to market should translate to greater bottom line revenue for the customer.”

 The laboratory renovation provides better space utilization and increased flexibility. This allows staff to reconfigure and customize their workspace for each specific project and to create space that is highly conducive to collaboration.

 "With our new lab environment and its dedicated development equipment, we can now get the initial product concept as well as any needed re-works to the customer quicker. Shorter turnaround keeps the customer invested and engaged in the process,” added Allison Ryan, Director, New Product Development. “Our investment also improves safety and the esthetics of the lab space. My staff had a good deal of input in the workspace design and we’re very pleased with the results.” 

 “Hygenic is also recognized for its extensive testing and resulting quality products, both branded and OEM. Our TheraBand® elastic resistance exercise products are the product of choice in the healthcare market because of its quality, effectiveness, durability and consistency,” concluded Ms. Koval. “This same rigorous testing process also enables us to customize natural and synthetic rubber compounds to meet the specific performance attributes required in our OEM customers’ applications while delivering consistency on a lot-to-lot basis.”